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Ensure the best hygiene of the comb. In this article, we will tell you what type of benefits a wide-tooth comb can provide you. On the other hand, bamboo combs with denser teeth are good for smoothing your hair. Without applying force, begin detangling your hair slowly. Many professional grade combs are made from Carbon Fibre. Choose it wisely and ensure its proper hygiene. A ‘wide-tooth comb‘ is characterized by the presence of the large space between the different bristles of a comb. Many of such combs have teeth that are comparatively bigger in size compared to other types of combs. Benefits of Finger Combing Natural Hair Don’t force your fingers to run through a knot that is not getting released on its own. This would be an ideal comb for distributing wet products such as leave in conditioners through the hair. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. It also produces less static meaning less frizz. Looking at the above benefits of a wide-tooth comb, it is increasingly becoming popular among several hair stylists and professionals. Whether you’re just getting out of the shower with wet hair, or you’re just waking up in the morning and your hair is extra messy, the wide tooth comb will settle things down and allow you to take control of you… 99 ($3.00/Count) Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9. Do not detangle your hair when it is wet. Less Hair Fall. In conjunction with the right selection of comb, follow the above tips to prevent hair woes and protect your hair. This is because these types of hair are prone to getting detangled quickly and require a lot of time and effort to comb them. There can be a few more causes of this problem i.e., lack of nutrition in the diet, and regular use of chemical-enriched lotions, and hair appliances such as hair dryers, and hair straighteners. Style. This comb has rounded teeth which can be used to massage the scalp. These combs are beneficial for both men and women with long or short hair. Also, since it is wide-toothed, it doesn’t pull or break the hair. Combs with wide teeth are perfect for curly hair. What type of comb to use. Here are homemade recipes for greasy hair care that you will love to learn about. While it is important to massage the scalp, most of the brushing should be on the ends of the hair. Consume an anti-inflammatory diet and use an oil control shampoo to get the best relief from scalp inflammation. Also, combs and brushes that have gotten old can damage your hair. You will notice that your hair has started to become silky, frizz-free and soft. A normal comb will also do the job but it will result in the shedding of your hair. This means you are less likely to pull on your hair and break it. At the same time a wooden comb is far better at distributing the natural oils present on your scalp across your hair. 16. The wide-toothed wooden combs glide smoothly through the scalp, thus making de-tangling much easier. This is a very interesting comb. At the moment this comb is a best seller on Amazon with over 1,500 five star ratings! This helps to... No static either! This type of comb is best suited for those who have wavy or curly hair. Use in the shower to distribute conditioner and Cell Therapy. The wide tooth comb however leaves the hair smoothed from tangles but still curly! It is one of the biggest reasons that make wide tooth comb the healthiest decision for the hair. Sit under a fan or use a hairdryer to dry them before you start untangling them. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. It is not recommended to comb damp hair as they are fragile. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. You need a brush that is gentle on your hair that glides through your hair instead of breaking them halfway. 3.5 out of 5 stars with 16 reviews. Meanwhile you may like to learn about using coconut oil for hair. When you use the wide-tooth comb on a regular basis, you will notice a visible improvement in the texture and manageability of your hair. Being made from wood, it has all the same benefits as The Body Shop’s comb. Conair Wide Tooth Lift Comb For All Hair Types. Wide teeth are best for getting out tangles. Comb at least once a week. Wooden combs help the hair and scalp in staying healthy. Along with choosing this type of brush, you should also maintain proper hygiene of the scalp. This strategy is good whenever your dog has really snarly hair. If you have thick, curly, or tangled hair, this should be your main comb of choice. That worked for a while but it was time-consuming and I also felt that maybe I was combing my hair through too much with each wash. The Benefits to a Big Feckin Shower comb Wide spaces between the teeth make it easier to detangle, after applying your conditioner, gently use your fingers to divide your hair in half. It helps in releasing the knots and ensures strong and healthy hair. You may also like to learn about Keratin Treatment for Hair in this article. 4.9 out of 5 stars with 42 reviews. Combs with wide teeth help to exfoliate the scalp and stimulate blood circulation while minimising hair loss. This is mainly for people having long hair – always try to use a wide-tooth comb to detangle. If you are among those who see a bunch of hair in the comb every time you detangle them, then a wide-tooth comb has the solution to this problem. $1.99. The wide teeth will detangle your hair without breaking strands or hurting the scalp. This comb is good for women with wavy or frizz-prone hair which is sensitive to humidity. Guides By Stella Robinson On April 20, 2020 No Comments. Do not directly use the comb to work on the large knots on the long hair. Women with tight curls would especially benefit from one of these combs. Conair Dressing Combs Made in the USA- 2pc. Compared with brushes, combs with wide teeth are friction free and easier to glide through the hair. For Becker, using a very wide-tooth comb or a Wet Brush is the only way to go when brushing wet hair. It is far easier to detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb due to the large spaces between the teeth. You may not want to do anything with your hairstyle in the morning. Your email address will not be published. The calming touch of these combs gives you a massaging effect that makes detangling convenient and effortless. The comb is also bigger 8″x2.125″ vs 7.25″x2.125″and sports a new fat handle for a better ergonomic grip.” Natural Curls Club describe these combs as extra wide detangling combs. The next benefit of a wide-tooth comb is that it prevents the breakage of hair. Wet hair is susceptible to tangling. Such hair can be prone to breakage and split ends even when you use it on the wet hair regularly. Take one section of hair, and start running your fingers slowly through it. A wide-tooth comb is an indispensable device to detangle your hair. Combing your hair with a wide-tooth comb benefits your hair in so many ways. They suggest the use of this type of comb as the best way to untangle hair. The wrong selection of hair comb can lead to thinning of hair, hair fall, hair breakage, an irritated scalp and more. Note: To make detangling easier, you can also apply some amount of hair cream on the hair before you detangle them. Benefits of wide tooth comb – Easier to detangle. Wide tooth combs don't work for detangling on my hair. If your hair is prone to breakage or frayed ends, using wide tooth comb to smooth out knots is less likely to cause split ends than a brush. The comb slowly releases the Argan Oil onto your scalp as you brush. Due to the presence of wide spaces present between its bristles, it becomes easier to untangle them without any breakage. – Less hair fall. 7. Always begin from the roots of the hair and reach the end part. Begin from the root level and work up to the tip of the hair strands to ensure uniform conditioning of each hair strand. The round, seamless teeth of the comb makes it easy to detangle the hair. EXTRA WIDE TEETH. This plastic comb is drag free and perfect for everyday use. The wide spaces between the teeth allow hair to be pulled through without causing lots of breakage. This is because it is much easier to damage and break the hair while it’s wet. Tip: Use in conjunction with the Leave-In Detangler for even easier styling. We already know, a wide-tooth comb is specially designed to comb the hair quickly, painlessly and easily. So, for people who see the signs of scalp inflammation should start using a wide-tooth comb to get substantial relief. Now that you have known that the wide-tooth comb is the right device to comb your hair, you need to learn the right way to use it to detangle your hair. By the time I go to detangle my hair it is very stringy, and for the wide teeth to catch onto anything I would have to start at the roots, and that would just push a bunch of tangles down to the ends. You will have less frizz, it stimulates the scalp, and it distributes oils evenly throughout the hair. The reason for hair fall during detangling your hair is due to more effort and friction that isolates knots when using a normal hair comb. These cookies do not store any personal information. The result is smooth and detangled hair effortlessly. This comb is perfect for all styling requirements, including weaving, sectioning, detangling, and highlighting. It involved finger detangling, detangling with a wide-tooth comb, and then detangling with a fine-tooth comb. Wooden, wide tooth combs tend to glide through hair smoothly (even if it’s been dry for a few days). Brush the end at the tips first and then work your way up. This comb is gentler on the hair and leads to less friction that contributes to less breaking of hair. $2.99. This will be largely based on personal preference and your dog’s coat. You really only have three options here: wood, plastic, and metal. Aside from that, it gives excellent massage scalps. Below are some of the proven and tried and tested combing tips. If you liked this post, then do share it with your friends on social media. So what you can do to make the detangling process easier? This type of comb is ideal to get out of the tangles. If your hair is prone to breakage or frayed ends, using wide tooth comb to smooth out knots is less likely to cause split ends than a brush. Never use regular plastic combs when you have wounds, pimples and inflammation on the scalp. The wrong hairbrush can result in hair loss, split ends or damaged hair. For coarser beards, wide tooth combs usually work best. It keeps your hair smooth and free from static damage and hair breakage. 2. Use this comb to evenly distribute your conditioner in the shower, or right after you wash your hair to detangle and simultaneously stimulate your roots. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Required fields are marked *. Portion your hair into two parts in the middle. Wide Tooth Comb Infused With Argan Oil, 7 Damaging Hair Combing Mistakes You Don’t Even Know You’re Making, How to Brush Your Hair to Keep it Healthy, 7 Tips For Brushing Your Hair The Right Way, 11 Genius Cordless Hair Dryer Designs that Will …, Best Straighteners for Short Hair in the …, Ergonomic design makes it comfortable to grip. Though we have several beneficial hair treatments that can help deal with this issue, the use of a wide-tooth comb is also beneficial to reduce the trouble. Your email address will not be published. Medium teeth combs should meet most hairs' or beards' combing need, let them be long , thick, curly and dry hair or beard. Enable Nature’s Wooden Comb are handmade from the wood of Indian Neem (Azadirachta Indica) tree that is one of the most prized herb in Ayurveda. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The comb has the light scent of sandalwood. This shampoo comb has a smooth rounded firm and flexible teeth that fall smooth on the scalp and tresses. A normal comb... 2. Wait till your hair dries properly. Many also have small balls on the ends that help to detangle hair. It works by gently massaging, and enhancing the circulation of blood on the scalp. The natural wooden fibers work great to condition your hair. Unlike the Body Shop’s wooden comb however, the Anself design has a handle which is designed to fit your hand. This comb comes in four different colours. It also removes foreign particles and dirt from your hair. The main cause behind crimpy and frizzy hair is dehydration. There are many benefits to using a wooden comb over a plastic one. It doesn’t have to be that hard, right? 3 Pieces Wide Teeth Combs Shower Comb, Detangler Comb with Hook, Hair Wide-Tooth Wet and Dry Comb for Women Everyday Use and Beauty Salon, Pink, Black and Blue. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. The bristles of the comb distribute natural oils of the hair, stimulate the scalp, remove debris and lastly does not create any static electric field on the hair strands. A wooden comb is also better able to slide through your hair than a plastic one. In both of these ways, your hair will become less frizzy and curly. $6.99 $ 6. xnicx Wide Tooth Comb Afro Comb Detangling Hair Brush Wide Comb Detangler Comb Paddle Hair Comb Care Handgrip Comb-Best Styling Comb for Long, Wet or Curly Hair-Improve Blood Circulation Black 4.7 out of 5 stars 3,627 $2.99. Rinse off the conditioner with plain water. To prevent hair loss and ensure painless detangling of hair, the use of a wide-tooth comb is always recommended. They come in various styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. Related: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hair Styling Tools. A Lot Easier To Detangle Your Hair. If yes, then it is mostly due to inflammation, and deposition of sweat, and dirt on the scalp. The widely spaced teeth makes combing easy - sliding through hair without tugging. Sandalwood is also a good option for people who have allergies. Here we have come with a list of amazing benefits of wide tooth comb that would compel you to incorporate it in your hair care routine. This even distribution of oils means that your scalp is less likely to look greasy and your hair will be better protected. Since it is static free it will help to prevent frizzy, fly-away hair during styling. This means less friction on your hair and less breakage and damage. There are several DIY hair cream recipes that you can easily prepare at home to make untangling easier to a significant extent. So, to help you know more, here are some handy the best wide-tooth comb we have enlisted. This comb is made from Carbon Fibre making it extremely durable, static free and heat resistant up to 230ºc (perfect for using with a hairdryer or straightener). It helps in stimulating the scalp that helps to maintain natural oil levels that results in enhanced and healthy hair growth. Specifications: 8.85” L x 2.44” W Lily Wide Teeth Multicolor Shampoo Combs. Also, you can write to us with any of your suggestions, comments, and queries. 4.7 out of 5 stars 474. A wide-tooth comb is ideal for thick hair, as it easily passes through all the hair and prevents any knots and frizzes. Top 6 Hair Benefits of Wooden Comb The feel of wood on your scalp is amazing. Prevents Damage from Static Electricity Start at the bottom of your hair and gently work upwards while holding your hair so that you’re not applying to much force. Also, it’s the best comb if your hair is still damp or wet after showering. Choosing wooden combs over plastic or metal combs makes more sense, as they are they glide smoothly through the scalp, thus making de-tangling much more easy. The Head Gear Afro Comb is perfect for thick, frizzy or Afro Caribbean hair as the wide teeth will be able to effortlessly move through the hair. Clean the dirt and hair out of it from time to time. Olivia is a skincare enthusiast and the founder of UK Beauty Room. We will be happy to address them soon. Easier to Detangle & Reduce Hair Fall - The wide spaces between the teen of wide tooth combs provides less friction compared to a normal fine tooth comb. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Finger combing works best when coconut oil, shea butter, and leave in conditioner is applied to the hair. This will avoid any knitting at the ends of the hair which could lead to hair breakage. Wide toothed combs are the perfect implement for removing the tangles in any hair, particularly the thick, curly kind. Run your fingers downwards through them before you use the comb to clear the knots. The best and most hair-friendly way to detangle wet or dry hair is with a wide-tooth comb. Annie International. However, I consider them both wide tooth detangling combs when comparing them against my first pass comb. The round teeth make it gentle on the scalp and safeguard the hair from being broken and pulled. Sandalwood is less likely to cause any kind of allergic reaction compared to plastic combs. A wide-tooth comb serves this objective. With rounded tips and widely-spaced teeth, the Love Ur Curls Wide Tooth Comb defeats tough knots and tangles while being kind to your scalp. When I compare the size of clumps that come from my plastic combs to that from my wooden comb, I’m always let out a little shout of victory inside… A wide-tooth comb is an indispensable device to detangle your hair. Argan Oil helps to repair damaged hair as well as eliminate frizz and restore shine. January 4th, 2014, 03:38 AM #8. 42. For starters a wooden comb will not cause static the way a plastic one does, meaning your hair is less likely to become frizzy. Keep doing it till you don’t feel any knots. 7. If you have dry hair, then it is recommended to wash them with a mild shampoo and follow it up by applying a generous amount of deep hair conditioner. The sight of losing precious hair in the bathroom sink can be a terrible feeling. This often happens when you first get up in the morning. It sort of gives you a mini scalp massage when you use it. 2) It exfoliates impurities which stick to the scalp. Then you’ll want to decide on a material. Below is a selection of recommended wide tooth combs all available on Amazon at excellent prices! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. It can result in damage to the hair follicles and roots that can, in turn, lead to hair fall. Apply some detangling lotion to the knot. When it comes to brushing your hair it is really important that you pick the right comb or brush. Why You Need To Start Taking Collagen For Healthy Bones And Skin? A wide tooth comb looks like this: A wide tooth comb has teeth separated wider than conventional combs and the teeth are thicker. For a thicker coat, a comb normally works best. If you are among those who see a bunch of hair in the comb every time you detangle them, then a... 3. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. and improves blood circulation on the scalp. Plastic or metal combs sometimes irritate the skin especially if you have a sensitive scalp. So after a while, I cut out the fine-tooth comb. When you use a wide-tooth comb on your hair, it opens up the outermost layer of the hair strand i.e., the cuticle. When you use a wide-tooth comb on the hair, you will see a huge difference in the way your hair gets detangled. Such combs are extremely beneficial for people who have painful wounds, or pimples on the surface of their scalp. If you pull them very hard or fast during the detangling process, then it might cause your hair to shed. It also helps to remove tangles and frizzes hair and makes the hair healthy and shiny. Using a regular hair brush on curly hair can end up causing it to look frizzy. So, another important benefit of a wide-tooth comb is that it effectively de-tangles hair without causing hair fall. Equipped with a hooked handle for easy in-shower storage! Olivia lives in London where she works as a Registered Nurse. However, if you’re simply maintaining your dog’s coat, you can use a fine- or medium-toothed comb and then a slicker brush. A wide-tooth comb makes it easier to glide through the hair and release the knots in them. Now repeat the above step for the other part of the hair as well. Wide tooth combs are designed for people with large amounts of hair, with the spacing between the teeth allowing that hair to easily flow through. A wide tooth comb is great for gently detangling Afro textured hair when it’s damp, particularly damp hair that has conditioner on it. A hair comb is an important tool in your grooming collection that keeps your scalp and hair in the best health. You can use them wet or dry, and they are perfect at sectioning hair for styling too. And a wooden wide-tooth comb like the Breezelike sandalwood hair comb, which is … Metal and plastic combs have the tendency of pulling and tugging the hair, which isn’t experienced with wooden combs. People who use wide-tooth combs appreciate it because of its gentleness on the scalp and hair. Conair. Getting a wide tooth comb that you can use on your hair while you’re in the shower will make a massive difference in detangling, especially if it’s while you have conditioner in your hair. Now pat dry them with a clean cotton cloth. The Argan Oil in this comb makes it very gentle on the scalp, reducing the likelihood of hair falling out. What began as a hobby is now a top beauty blog with over 30,000 readers every month. The type of brush that you choose to comb your hair can positively or adversely impact the health of hair. It will leave your hair looking smooth and sleek with its flat, rounded teeth. So, apply a good moisturizer on your wet hair, and comb it using the wide-tooth comb. Diane Ionic Extra Wide Comb With Handle. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Also, combing your hair with this comb enhances blood circulation on the scalp so that the scalp and hair follicles get adequately nourished. One mistake people often make is always brushing from root to tip. So, make sure your hair is completely dry at the time of detangling your hair. Be very gentle when combing your hair. The Body Shop’s birch wood comb is gentle on your scalp, helping to prevent dandruff. When compared to the painful sensation of scratching that you feel with a normal or fine-tooth comb, a wide-tooth comb is milder on the scalp and knots in the hair. Combing with this type of brush also helps relax an exhausted and worn-out scalp. Now take the comb, and use small and straight strokes to work at the knot. The sight of your hair on the comb may make you cry tears of sadness and frustration. This comb is recommended for all hair types including wigs. Prevents Dryness or Greasiness. The next important advantage of using a wide-tooth comb is a reduction in damaged and split ends. It is made with specially formulated resin infused with Argan Oil. This is because they are able to smooth out knots without upsetting your hair’s natural curl. You can also use a rake, a slicker brush, a Sullivan comb or a Scotch comb. Always use the best quality of comb as a bad quality comb can damage your hair. If you have a soft beard, we recommend using a beard comb with teeth spaced closer together. Wide-tooth comb with nylon bristles help detangle your hair and smoothen your strands. A gentle comb with this brush through the hair will release the knots easily without tearing hair out of the head. WellnessZing.com. What is Chronic Loneliness : Why Do People Feel Lonely? If you are brushing dry hair, then apply a leave-in-conditioner, or a smoothing serum. This happens due to less friction and gentle action of this type of comb on the hair strand compared to a fine-tooth or medium tooth comb. In this post I will tell you why I believe all women should have a wide tooth comb, as well as where you can buy one at the best price! Finger combing natural hair is a simple method for detangling, preventing hair loss, and encouraging hair growth. They are excellent for detangling long or short hair as well as sectioning hair for styling. While the width and thickness of teeth can vary, a wide tooth comb is generally regarded as such if it has up to a maximum of four teeth per inch of length. I find the grip of this comb better than the Body Shop’s design. Many people notice their hair falls out more when they brush it. Now with the help of a wide-tooth comb start combing your hair. This is an extremely affordable and high quality comb with eight widely spaced teeth.

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