Hand-woven Dog Fur

Thanks to a Santa Fe weaver, fashion mavens are literally putting on the dog.

Yes, that long, fluffy white coat with the elegant drape and luxurious feel is woven of silk, wool and Samoyed.

A handsome, patchwork-style jacket with blocks of rich tans and browns is woven of wool, silk and chow.

There is nothing ordinary about the creations of weaver Nancy Paap, who spins dog hair into yarn and weaves it with hand-dyed silks, wools or cottons for one-of-a-kind garments.  The dogfur is gently brushed from the chows, samoyeds and collies.  It is then spun into a yarn, washed and woven.  The garment is then washed again and dry-cleaned.  They are like fur coats, warm and beautiful…and the dogs are alive and well.!

Eye-catching for their textures and use of colors, Paap’s finely detailed coats and jackets also feature silk linings, unusual buttons and cuffs crocheted of dog fur.

handwoven patch jacket $1685
handspun handwoven samoyed jacket with wool/cotton and silk accents
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