About the Weaver

Nancy Paap arrived in Santa Fe on a glorious August day…with chamisa and asters blooming against big white clouds in the bluest sky. She knew she was home! Her interest in weaving began, believe it or not, while attending St. John’s College, a liberal arts college not known for its crafts! The college administrator had a loom set up and anyone interested could play with weaving. It came naturally to her. She is self taught. With her brothers help, Nancy made her first loom. She began weaving hundreds of rugs, inspired by the Rio Grande rugs and blankets woven by the Pueblo Indians, who lived along the Rio Grande. In 1976 Nancy (together with 3 like minded fiber artists) opened the Santa Fe Weaving and Knitting Center at 821 Canyon Road.  Here they sold their unique hand dyed rug yarns, hand dyed handspun wools and unique hand dyed novelty yarns.  They sold everything one needed for any weaving and knitting project.  In 1979 the Santa Fe Weaving Gallery at 124 1/2 Galisteo was opened in downtown Santa Fe. Nancy became known for her fine woven clothing…especially those woven from brushed out dog furs….from Samoyeds, Chow and Collies.(called Chiengora!) Today she now also weaves clothing from luxurious rayon and cotton chenilles. Nancy Paap is represented in several galleries nation wide—Handwoven Originals in Santa Fe, NM, Artemisia in Taos, NM, in The Websters, Ashland, Oregon; and Earth Spirits in Palm Desert, CA. She lives in Tesuque, a small village just 5 miles north of Santa Fe, where she has her studio and views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains.